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Stray Cat


Stray Cat Trappers in Brooklyn will use non lethal traps in all cases.
We dont want to get a non target cat, but if we do we want to be able to correct
the incident and move forward with the stray cat trapping process.

Stray cat trappers in Brooklyn will take the captured cats to the nearest
Humane Society or animal shelter to the catch site.This will alow best chance for recovery
by the owner, or adoption by another loving family!

Stray cat trappers in Brooklyn keep stray cats from killing native birds and
wildlife. Stray cat colonies can descimate native wildlife populations, and
contrary to what PETA would have you believe, they do kill for fun.

Stray cat trappers in Brooklyn will keep the cats from using your flower garden
as a litter box. One cat is a small issue. But when the population gets out of hand
there could be as many as 30 stray cats in a single area! Thats a stinkey situation.

Stray cat trappers in Brooklyn will remove cats that are living under homes.
Quite often the mother cat wants to have her litter of kittens in a safe place
and chooses the under side if your home as hers!