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Skunk Removal Westchester

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   Skunks are moving into the county of Westchester more and more every year. These stinky animals cause more problems than just being stinky. Skunks will rip up your lawn digging for grubs that they like to eat. If you notice small holes dug all over your yard and are wondering where they came from it’s probably a skunk. You the home owner can help with skunk control by doing a few preventive things. Keeping your garbage in a secure container is a good start. Skunks will rip your garbage open looking for scraps and leave a big mess for you to pick up in the morning. If you live in Westchester and have pets, make sure you take your pet food inside at night. Skunks are nocturnal and so they feed at night. If you have a vegetable garden it’s sure to attract a hungry skunk and he will help himself to it while you are asleep in your home in Westchester.

 Odorless skunk removal in Westchester can be tricky work! A skunk removal professional doesnt want to cause a stink, and he will need the right equipment, and nerves of steel to approach the skunk trap talking softly so the animal remains calm until he is securely contained in the bed of the truck. Skunk removal in urban ares poses problems for the trapper. Where can you set a skunk trap where he will get captured, and not affect the home owner, mail delivery, etc. Also, we will recommend the habitat modification you should do, so the Westchester skunk goes for our bait and not the pet food that is left outside.

   In the early spring skunks start their mating season. This activity also will cause problems for the citizens of Westchester. Skunks like to live under structures such as houses, sheds and decks. When a skunk wants to attract a mate he will spray to attract them. If you have a skunk living under your house in westchester it can become very stinky inside your home or in your yard. When you discover you have a skunk spraying in your yard this is a good time to call a professional skunk trapper. Once the mother skunk has given birth to 5 or 6 babies then the odor will be worse. Baby skunks will spray for the fun of it because they are unaware that it is used for defense. Once our company has trapped and removed your skunk or skunks and the odor is still lingering don’t worry because we do skunk odor removal also. Whatever the issue you are having in your home in Westchester, we can help!

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