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Skunk Removal and Control Eastchester

Skunk Control and Removal Eastchester

September 27th, 2011 | Author:

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  • Skunk Odor

Skunk odor is comprised of two main chemicals. The biggest is oil, which can
be taken care of with Dawn Dishwashing detergant. And the other is a sulpher
compound, which is taken away by the hydrogen in peroxcide. Making a mixture of
dawn and peroxcide will make a shampoo that will remove skunk odor from and
solid surface, and even take the skunk smell off your dog!

  • Skunk under house

Skunks are prolific diggers! There front paws are made to dig and they
can smell a nice place to live under your home! Skunks mate in late feb. and
give birth to baby skunks under your house or shed in Eastchester.

  • Dog sprayed by skunk

If you have a dog sprayed by a skunk do not let him back in! Take a bottle
of peroxcide and give it a squirt of dawn dishwashing liquid in a bucket. Use
this for a shampoo and do it 2 times. This will de skunk the dog.

  • Skunks in yard

Skunks will dig small holes in your lawn about the size of a wallnut. They
will be digging looking for grubbs and worms. If a skunk is digging for food in
your yard, you can be sure it lives close by your home in Eastchester.

  • Skunk trap

A skunk trap is a trap designed so the skunk wont be able to spray. Many
a raccoon trap has caught a skunk. This takes a  skunk professional in
Eastchester to get the skunk to the truck without being sprayed.

  • Baby skunks

Baby skunks under houses will let you know they are there. Baby skunks
cannot control there own smell like older skunks. They spray skunk smell
every time something makes them jump, and baby skunks are rather jumpy!

Skunk control starts with you the home owner in Eastchester. If you own a cat
or dog, make sure you take their pet food inside at night. Skunk love to eat pet
food. Another method of control is keeping your garbage in a secure container.
Skunks will rip apart your garbage looking for scraps of food. Skunks are
nocturnal so you won’t catch them making a mess in your yard in Eastchester.

Our company provides humane removal of skunks seven days a week in the city of Eastchester!

We have offices in: Yonkers, Chappaqua,
Scarsdale, Yorktown, Ossining and White Plains.