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Rat Pest Control Westchester

 Rats in the attic?

   Our company provides rat pest control seven days a week!

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    Rats are becoming a big problem in all cities of Westchester County. Westchester has two kind of rats, Roof and Norway rats. Roof Rats live in trees but would rather live in your attic where it is warm and dry. Norway rats are bigger and burrows in the ground but would also prefer your attic of your home in Westchester. Rats carry several diseases and are filthy rodents. One disease known as Leptospirosis is deadly to humans and pets. Rat Pest Control starts with the the home owner doing some easy prevention measures. Make sure your garbage is in a secure container that a rat cannot chew threw. Keeping pet food indoors is another good idea. Food sources will keep these pests coming around. Rats have to chew to keep their ever growing teeth wore down. Rats can wreck and attic and can chew your wires which can cause a fire to start in your home in Westchester. Our rat pest control professional will trap your rats until the problem is solved.

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