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Anytime Animal Control

Call us today for humane removal of raccoons.

Raccoon Removal in Brooklyn should be done by a well seasoned professional
In my opinion a wildlife professional should be required to spend at least
one year working side by side with someone as an apprentice before
he can make a move on his own.
Raccoon removal in Brooklyn can go well or terribly wrong,if done incorrectly.
I use the minimum use of force possible to get raccoons out
of homes in Brooklyn. we use the most effective and humane methods in the wildlife
removal industry!

Animal Control in Brooklyn keeps people, pets, and property safe from raccoons,
and keeps animals safe from people! Wildlife in Brooklyn is there because we gave them something
to go after. Animals are opportunists, and if we give them something, Shelter,Water,
Food,Cover, they will take it!

Raccoon removal in Brooklyn sometimes requires trapping. The traps used are always
as humane as possible. We want top remove the raccoons from your home in Brooklyn
but we want you to feel good about the way the raccoons were treated.

Raccoons in Brooklyn have a high rate of raccoon roundworm. The spores in the feces
can be ingested and be extremely harmful to humans! The latrines must be cleaned up
and insurance companies will cover the cost in most states if submitted correctly.
Leave the attic clean up and paperwork to us!

Raccoon Removal in Brooklyn should come with a warranty!
Anytime Animal Control covers there work with enthusiasm! 3-5 years

We have offices in Yonkers, Chappaqua, Scarsdale, Yorktown, Ossining, White Plains and EastChester.