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Get Rid of Raccoons Westchester | Brooklyn NY Animal Removal Specialists
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Get Rid of Raccoons Westchester

Getting rid of raccoons in Westchester requires a professional trapper. Our company provides affordable humane removal of raccoons. Call us today!

Anytime Animal Control


Raccoons have been sighted more every year in the county of Westchester. Raccoons are coming into the city and rural areas looking for food and shelter. This is causing problems for the citizens of Westchester county. Raccoons may look cute but are aggressive animals and they also carry disease. You the home owner can help in raccoon control. Keeping your garbage in a strong and secure container is a good start. Raccoons will rip up your garbage looking for scraps and then leave a big mess for you in the morning. If you live in Westchester and own a cat or dog it is important to keep your pets food and water inside at night. You can’t get rid of raccoons when your inviting them in with food and water. Raccoons also love vegetable gardens, fruit trees and ponds containing fish. Raccoons are strong, great climbers and excellent fisherman. Getting rid of raccoons will often require a professional trapper. These animals are stubborn and not afraid of humans or pets.

Raccoon on roof or in attic

   In the early spring raccoons start their mating season. Once the female becomes pregnant this is when the trouble starts for the citizens of Westchester county. The mother raccoon will begin to look for more than one spot to have their babies. Attics of homes in Westchester are one of their favorites. The mother raccoon will want a warm, dry, dark and safe place for her babies. She will pick 2 or 3 places to have them in case one becomes unsafe she will have another place to move them. If you spot a raccoon on your roof you have a good reason to worry. Chances are it’s a raccoon loooking for a place to live. Raccoons are strong and can rip the shingles off your roof and make a hole to get into your attic. Whatever your situation may be, our company can get rid of your raccoons.

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We have offices in: Yonkers, Chappaqua, Scarsdale, Yorktown, Ossining, White Plains and Eastchester.

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